Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maggot Brain

Just before I left England, Adam bought me a cd of Funkadelic Live at Meadwbrook, Rochester, Michigan 1971. It turns out that it has possibly the greatest display of guitar playing ever committed to tape, which is a bloody good companion to have when you are travelling halfway round the world to go and live in a place where you don't understand anyone, and they don't understand you. The first 2 tracks on this cd have helped to make this difficult transition slightly more pleasant. In fact, they are pretty much all I listened to exclusively for about 3 - 4 weeks, and I suggest if you have any interest in music whatsoever that they are essential listening.

The first track is something that never fully appeared on any Funkadelic record but was a regular part of their live set. The second track is a rendition of
'Maggot Brain', the power of which can not be conveyed by mere words.

Download here: "Hey kid, you like music? Well you're gonna love this."

Something I did not long after arriving involved this sign:

More on that to follow.


  1. you touched a monkey didn't you?

  2. You looked in it's heart shaped eyes didn't you?