Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maggot Brain

Just before I left England, Adam bought me a cd of Funkadelic Live at Meadwbrook, Rochester, Michigan 1971. It turns out that it has possibly the greatest display of guitar playing ever committed to tape, which is a bloody good companion to have when you are travelling halfway round the world to go and live in a place where you don't understand anyone, and they don't understand you. The first 2 tracks on this cd have helped to make this difficult transition slightly more pleasant. In fact, they are pretty much all I listened to exclusively for about 3 - 4 weeks, and I suggest if you have any interest in music whatsoever that they are essential listening.

The first track is something that never fully appeared on any Funkadelic record but was a regular part of their live set. The second track is a rendition of
'Maggot Brain', the power of which can not be conveyed by mere words.

Download here: "Hey kid, you like music? Well you're gonna love this."

Something I did not long after arriving involved this sign:

More on that to follow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warm Night

The climate here has become somewhat bearable since my mid September arrival. At first though, it was either too sweaty too move, or a monsoon. On a particularly hot day a few weeks ago I saw this:

I especially enjoyed the fact that everyone was either completely unfazed by it, or were greeting the dog in a non-excited fashion, as if it were a work colleague or casual acquaintance.

"Konnichiwa inu chan."

That is definitely one thing I love about it here. Everyone greets each other in what appears to be a genuinely friendly manner. Every morning, several people will throw an "ohayou" (why, good morning!) in my direction for no particular reason. Be it an old lady, a policeman, or a happy mother with child, it's always welcome as far as I am concerned.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Super Good

Hello. I am in Japan. Kyoto, Japan. I have been for the last six weeks, but due to a distinct lack of internet in my home, I have been unable to get my blog on. However, as of today, there's gonna be some changes around here.

I will probably keep remembering things from the first six weeks as time goes by but for now, here is a picture of about the most Graeme related, most Japanese thing i could possibly have hoped for.

About a week after I arrived, I found out utterly by chance that HALCALI were playing Kyoto, in a club about half the size of the magnet no less. I was the only Gaijin (outsider, foreigner, alien) there. There was dancing, singing and high-fiving. They wanted to meet me after the show, and we took this picture. There was one before this but they forced me to delete it because I wasn't doing a "peace sign".