Monday, November 09, 2009

The Company I Can Get

[please be aware that this post comes with an advanced nerd warning]

Say hello to
one of my new friends, and the best bike in the whole world, Masayume. (that's pronounced: MassaYuMeh). We go on many adventures together.


  1. that's nice. REAl nice. tell us where you go togeather. is he your birthday present? happy late birthday .x

  2. Hey Wignall! Me and Masayume have actually been friends for a few weeks now, but I never got round to an introduction. We do things like ride along the riverside, visit temples, go exploring, look for treasure... the usual stuff friends do together really.

    I didn't do the birthday present thing yet. I might get a lovely Japanese guitar, or perhaps the TAKESHIJO (Takeshi's Castle) complete dvd box.

    Oh, and my original 'Today I Saw' is up on the wall in our flat. We have a little shrine of fun things going on in our hallway.