Sunday, December 13, 2009

Damage, Inc.

Some places I have stumbled across, that have slightly confused, unfortunate names:

Unrelated to the above pictures, I haven't posted anything for a little while because I have become rather distracted by Monster. Originally a manga comic book, it was later turned in to a 74 episode anime series. I know, even the word 'anime' is enough to put me off something at the best of times, but it is almost unfair/insulting to call Monster just another anime. It really is one of the best series of any kind that I have watched. Admittedly i haven't seen it all yet, but so far it is bloody incredible. There are surgeons, creepy detectives, orphanages, conspiracies, alcoholics, murders, allsorts of things! All set against the backdrop of the Berlin Wall coming down. If anyone is vaugely interested then you can watch it online for free here.

Just in case anyone does watch it, I don't want to say anything about it that might spoil some of the "WTF" or "NOOOOOOOOOO" moments that are in store. The only way I can think of summing it up is that it is something like the halfway point between Spiral (the darker than dark French crime drama TV series) and 100 Bullets (perhaps the best/most intricately woven long running comic ever made).